How to Get a Free Windows Developer Account

A Windows Developer Account is necessary for publishing apps for Windows Store. So, if you want your app reach the mass market, you should register one.

Registering an account costs $19 individually. But, there is a way on how to get around with it.

It is through the Dreamspark program of Microsoft.

Dreamspark is a Microsoft initiative to help students in learning development skills. With this program, students get free access to a certain set of Microsoft tools, online trainings and of course, a free Windows Developer account.


A blog post details the step-by-step instructions on how to avail the program. You will need a proof that you are currently enrolled in a school.  (Yes, you need to be student. if you aren’t, borrow your brother’s or sister’s school registration form. )

With Dreamspark, I’ve been able to publish my own apps – Tax Calculator and Greeting Cards Express. Get your own one too. 🙂

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