How to Get Free Hosting for your Java Web Applications

Year 2010
For programmers like me who are from a third world country, the “struggle is real” to find a free playground to host our web applications without hassle.

Here’s the dilemma:
1. Hosting providers won’t support Java.
2. If Java is supported, prepare your wallet to spend some dimes.
3. If you’re willing to spend, you must have a credit card. In the Philippines, there’s not much people who have access to credit cards.

Year 2016
Enter Openshift. Openshift is Red Hat’s PaaS solution to allow developers to quickly develop, deploy and scale applications in a cloud environment. And yes, there’s a free plan!

By registering an account and subscribing for a free plan, you will be given 3 gears which you can use to host up to 3 web applications. Different languages are also supported like PHP, Python, Node.js, Perl and Ruby. Databases are also included like MySQL and MariaDB. It’s a good time to be alive!

So hurry while it’s still available.

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