Leverage Your Flash Skills in Creating HTML5 Animations

A decade ago was the golden age for flash. Remember the old times? Everyone was into playing flash games in, Miniclip, or even in Facebook. Ads were also created using flash. Creating animation was very easy using Adobe’s Flash. It was a multi-million dollar market. Then boom, HTML5 happened.

The arrival of HTML5 caused the demise of RIA technologies, especially flash. HTML5 is now the de facto for creating anything about web.

This doesn’t mean that we have to throw away what we have learned with flash. Adobe Flash’s new reincarnation is Adobe Animate, only a different name. With Animate, we can convert our flash animations through the CreateJS Toolkit plugin.


1. Install Adobe Animate. No further elaborations here, everyone knows how to install!
2. Install the CreateJs Toolkit plugin.
3. Create your flash animation like how you used to do it before.
4. Publish. Go to Commands -> Publish for CreateJS. Then click Publish.

Publish for CreateJS menu
Click Publish

After these steps, html and js files will be generated in the same location as to where you saved your flash project.


I really like this feature. During my college days, creating flash animations was one of the courses that I enjoyed a lot. Timelines, symbols, keyframes – I love them all.  I’m glad I can still make use of my knowledge for today’s web.

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