Submit your CV as PDF

Your CV plays an important role on how to get your next interview. It is a catalog of your skills and it allows you to showcase your experience.

I have seen people sending CV’s to employers in .doc format. I suggest to convert them to PDF instead.

By making your CV’s pdf, you are making it edit-proof, which means you are able to preserve the format of your CV. It also looks more professional and finalized. Here is a more detailed article about the pros and cons of pdf as your CV.

So okay, let’s say you have your CV in doc format and you are wondering how you are supposed to convert it to pdf.


1. Download and install PDF Creator.
2. In your word processing tool (MS Word), press Ctrl+P to print. The print dialog will appear.
3. Choose PDF Creator as your printer.
4. Click Print. PDF Creator will prompt you that a pdf will be generated and will ask you to save it to your PC.

It will be beneficial if you keep a copy of both formats, as some companies require word format, and some others pdf. Most of all, what’s important is the content of your CV. It should be presentable and should reflect your good points. 🙂

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